Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Rule

No reading blogs, surfing the internet, checking AW's forum, and all similar procrastination techniques until after I've done some writing.

Can I make it through an entire week?

Heh. Just remembered: I haven't written yet today. Day 1, and I've already broken the rule. oops.


  1. lol, that's a good rule. I have a big problem with procrastination.

  2. I can't get any writing done with all the cool stuff online. Not to mention the games already on my computer.

  3. I think it's a good plan :)
    I tend to sit down - read what I've written previously to refresh my mind- add a bit here and there until more ideas come- and when I stall out (usually after 20 mins) I check a blog/email/facebook game- then go back at it. Ironically I feel pressure abd guilt from not being active online with blogs and forums but there is a need to prioritize.

  4. Good luck with your rule!

    I agree with you, Shelley - I feel guilty about not keeping up with forums and blogs and often use that as an excuse to stop writing.

    My new rule of the day is to stop making excuses. Good luck to us all!

  5. Ruth - procrastination is so sneaky. There's always something more interesting that I somehow *need* to do/read.

    Kasi - the games! oh the games. they get me every time.

    Shelley - I like the idea of writing in increments. It sounds like it could work if I'm strict with the time spent on blogs/forums.

    Morrigan - it's too easy to justify things to ourselves in the form of making excuses. I'm always thinking "well, I don't have any words to write at the moment, so might as well spend more time on the forum/blogs." No more excuses!

  6. Oh boy do I know about procrastination. So hard to resist. Recently I decided to defeat procrastination by writing or editing something else. So, if I can't bring myself to work on my WIP, I can still work on a short story, blog post, etc. Seems to be working out well so far.

  7. Sonia - I need to give that a shot. Can't believe I haven't thought about working on other things if I'm stuck on my WIP. I should get my brain checked out. :)

  8. It definitely helps to keep more than 1 project going at a given time. At least, that's what works for me.