Wednesday, February 16, 2011

YA story hatching

Beautiful, huge, fluffy snowflakes were falling silently from the sky when I walked out the door this morning. The kid in me was full of wonder and excitement at the sight.

The adult in me cursed a boatload of inappropriateness - traffic was going to be a beach. <-- no, that's not a typo. :)

Started toying with a story idea with major YA tendencies. First person POV. High school setting. Love triangle. This'll be a no pressure, just-have-fun-and-write sort of deal (I refuse to stress. I refuse!). I've already scribbled a few pages of stuff down in my excitement.

Look at me, flexing my meager writing muscles! Garr!!


  1. Yay! New story ideas are always exciting! I just had one the other day for a YA dystopian...

  2. I hope you write it!

    I'm beginning to think that my plot/mc may not be appropriate for YA reading... but then again, it could just be me subconsciously trying to talk myself out of making a real effort in writing.

  3. Go for it Madelein! I love the feel of a new story idea. Not so crazy about editing. (Which is where I've been waddling for the past few weeks!)